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My Poetry

Once Upon A Midday...
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Once Upon A Midday...

Written (obviously) while waiting for my turn at a public computer at the library...

Once upon a midday dreary,
As I pondered weak and weary,
Waiting for my turn upon the ‘Net

Quietly there came a tapping,
Click-clack-click the mouse quit napping
As the tapping of the keyboard continued on
                                                          And on
                                                  And on
                                       And on
                                 And on
                           And on

Patiently I sat waiting, glancing o’er books and magazines galore,
Waiting for any computer to open;
Sitting and waiting forevermore.

Will these kids e’er log off I pondered?
How does the hour drag so slow, I wondered.
Will I ever surf the ‘Net?
Quoth the Raven: Don’t hold your breath