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My Poetry

Once Upon A Midday...
" I am the Stars and the Heavens..."
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The Lady
Sometimes I Forget
Me and I
These are the Midnight Hours
Untitled #1
The Shining Prince
Another Untitled
The Elevator
Evolution of a Poem
" I am the Stars and the Heavens..."

From the 1982-1983 Perhaps, the annual literary journal at Kellogg Community College.

I am the stars and the heavens.
     The raindrops are my tears;
          The thunder, my sobbing.
I am the sun and the sky.
     The rainbow is my smile,
          the sunshine, my laughter.
I am the springtime;
     Knowing you will soon leave me,
          I rain and thunder.
You are the summer;
     You bring sunshine of love,
          And rainbows of remembrance.

(c) Lynx, 1982