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My Poetry

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Evolution of a Poem
Sometimes I Forget

From the 1982-1983 Perhaps, the annual literary journal at Kellogg Community College.

I wish you could tell me,
   "Don't cry-- I love you;"
And hold me in your arms,
   Safe from the world.
But you can't say the words,
    You're too afraid;
And you can't show it physically;
   You weren't brought up that way.
But even though you can't say it
    In so many words,
And even though my childish mind
    Sometimes forgets it--
I know you love me
   In your own way,
And that alone
    Will carry me through...
Until the day comes
   That you can repeat
What I've said to you all along
   And always will maintain:
I love you.

(c) Lynx, 1982