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Tales from the Vail

~*~Don't Tell Me~*~

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~*~Don’t Tell Me~*~


Don’t say that it won’t work out;

Don’t tell me it’s a pointless matter.

If we’re honest and devout,

Then our hearts won’t be shattered.

Don’t say that you didn’t fall

Or that it isn’t real.

Stop saying you will forget it all,

You can’t forget the way we feel!

I’ll be waiting patiently

Just down the road.

And when you’re in my arms safely,

You will unburden upon me your heavy load.

I won’t be jaded or ask you why.

I’m not confused, afraid, or out of place.

We’ll lie on the ground and look to the sky.

Then, so full of love, we’ll run off and disappear without a trace.

Poetry by Fiona Asylinn O'Shea