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Tales from the Vail
~*~Before The Storm~*~
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~*~Before The Storm~*~


I wore a dress of emerald green

And never before had I danced so freely.

You told me I was the most exquisite creature you’d ever seen…

We danced together so closely that first night.

We had loved eachother so much

In a way that I’d have done anything for you.

I still miss your tender touch

And it just figures that we would be through.

I am not complete

Without you here by my side.

As I walk down the street,

I see you offer another girl a ride.

This pouring rain starts taking its toll

On me so very mightily.

You are a wasted space within my soul,

I can see that now so vividly. It’s over…finally.

Poetry by Fiona Asylinn O'Shea