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Tales from the Vail
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We hopped a fence that had barbed wire

Because it hid a place of hidden wonder.

Nowhere else on Earth could be quieter.

Who’d have thought that to be said of a building torn assunder?

Inside my head I was thinking of

The exerting climb ahead.

And with a brotherly love,

You assured me that I wouldn’t wind up dead.

It was very late out.

Yet, still we traveled into the night.

I climbed the ladder, filled with fear and doubt.

Yet, I kept faith that you would make sure I’d be alright.

We didn’t speak at all

For fear that we would get caught.

But, still I was emotional

Getting down from the high, hidden lot.

Standing on the ledge,

I knew I couldn’t climb down the tree.

I mean, short of jumping of the edge,

The tree or the ladder were our only ways to run away free.

My heart was pounding and I felt so threatened.

Good times, wasn’t it?

We liked the adventure far too much for it to end,

But we knew our parents were bound to have a fit.

We knew nothing would be the same

After I’d go my way, beyond your reach.

So you say my name

And remind me of the promise at the beach.

I smile and tap the ladder.

We choose to make more memories.

No telling our secrets, we chose to forget, for a while, the sad matter.

Then down the ladder we went to be free.

I sprain my ankle on the landing,

So I’m carried home upon his back.

He’s quiet, as if  understanding,

As he grabs our backpacks.

I didn’t want closure,

Or an end to this starry night.

He tells me that for my future,

If I sing with all my might,

Everything will end up alright.

Silently, we promise to be friends for always.

So in the moonlight,

I give him a tight hug and say,

‘goodbye’ and ‘goodnight.’


July 30th, 2007


Poetry by Fiona Asylinn O'Shea