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Tales from the Vail
~*~Going Wrong~*~
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~*~Going Wrong~*~


Everything is going wrong today.

Do ya really want the proof?

Everything’ll be ok,

But here’s what I know to be the truth.


The strings on my guitar

Are completely outta whack.

Everything so far

Feels like a knife in the back.


My voice cracks on the high notes.

And I can’t recall the words.

Even though they’re the ones I wrote,

This is clearly too absurd…


I’m trying to stay zen,

But my focus is outta sight…


The microphone is screwin up again.

And I don’t think the speakers are working right.


And to be honest I can’t find my pick,

I think I broke a nail…

I’m beginning to feel sick.

But I refuse to fail…


The crowd is growin’ by the minute…

They’re beginnin’ to call…

We need to stall…

Need to get everything okay…


I refuse to fall,

I won’t fail.

And through it all…

I’ll get through this day…


Poetry Is Love In Motion

Poetry by Fiona Asylinn O'Shea